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I would like to share my great experience with There are so very many online stores with vape related products. Choosing one is a daunting task in and of itself. I have thus far used MV Store for my products twice. The selection of products is second to none. Most all of the latest products, with the exception of those poorly reviewed are carried. With the exception of niche parts/supplies, MV Store is a one stop shop! Pricing is on the lower end in comparison to the other THOUSANDS of competitors. The processing/shipping time is unbelievable! Within 10 minutes my order was processed and shipped with tracking number (Priority Shipping USPS). I recommend to all my fellow vaping friends as well as family. Please keep up the fantastic work and obvious commitment to the customer.-Shaun S., Jonesboro, AR
I absolutely love, You guys are quick to send our orders and the products you have are 5/5 stars. I love my Joye EVIC and my boyfriend Brian loves his Lambo 4.0. These batteries vape really well and are high end, great for the price. Thank you so much, you guys rule number 1 in the e-cig industry! LOVE YOU!-Crissty H., Port Orchard, WA
I ordered an eGo-C XXL starter kit and three bottles of ejuice from and three days later here I am, happily puffing away as I write a testimonial. Between the quality of the products, the affordable prices, and lightning fast shipping I will definitely be shopping at My Vapor Store again -- and recommending it to my friends. Thumbs up from another satisfied customer!-Hanna, Wisconsin
This is a very common story to the Vape community. I was a Pack-A-Day smoker for over 25 years. I bought a Kit from a very respected company for about $70 and like most heavy smokers , I found the Battery Life and Cart life to be to short and created unneeded aggravation. I have since moved up to an E-Go style setup and am extremely happy. When I found MVS through a google search , I began placing orders and have been very happy with the shipping times and prices. The Quality of my purchases have been beyond my highest expectations. THANK YOU MVS for your continued excellence.-Vernon, Baltimore
The shopping experience My vapor store has provided has been more than pleasurable. Their prices are great, and the customer service is reward-able. They have gone, unnecessarily, out of their way to satisfy me in a minor manufacturers issue on a mod I had purchased. The products they offer are authentic, or otherwise stated so. The shipping is fast and affordable. I have and will recommend MVS to all my friends and anyone else who is interested in vaping.

Thank you, and have a great holiday!-Chris, Pace,FL
HI, This is an UN-PAID REVIEW...I'm now a FORMER SMOKER. I WAS a light smoker at best, only about 1 pack of menthol 100's a week. Just enough to keep me from being CRANKY to those around me. In any case, I WAS also a light smoker due to the fact those around me, mainly my Husband hated the smell. I too actually hated the smell, ash, nasty butts, ash trays, yellowed teeth and whatever else that could turn yellow.

On the suggestion of my Husband, he brought me to the attention of ECIGARETTES, because some of the guys he works with are former smokers and now VAPE. I decided to try VAPING by purchasing disposable ECIGS, and after the first try, right then and there I knew I was NEVER GOING TO SMOKE AGAIN. Then the shopping started for a good ECIG. Let's just say I invested $60.00. into a very well known brand that is the same name as the color of the sky on a sunny day. I used this starter kit for a month and grew tired of the short battery life, short cartridge life, and how tempermental the entire kit was.

I then stumbled upon quite by accident from an Internet Search Engine list of QUALITY and PRICE REVIEWS. Needless to say, right out of the gate I ordered the KR808-1 Starter Kit, USB Pass Through Car Charger, and a bottle of Strawberry ELIQUID. I ordered on late Sunday night 11PM, and got my order in the mail by Wednesday afternoon. I promptly opened my package, charged my batteries, opened my first cartridge, hooked everything up took my first puff of vapor and this kit made me wish that I never wasted my $60.00 on the other kit. I got the KR808-1 kit, car charger, bottle of strawberry ELiquid, plus shipping for under $50.00.

The KR808-1 kit is SO FAR SUPERIOR in battery life, cartridge life, vapor quality and quantity then the name brand I hinted towards far earlier in this review! It's also WAY COOL, that in the kit I orderedthat you have a battery color choice rather then the stock black or white. In closing, I plan on telling anyone I know about the quantity and quality of the pruducts you have for sale, and lastly the SUPER FAST SHIPPING and the money you can SAVE over the competitors, and how much more CLEAN VAPING is over smoking!-Kimberly H-H, Michigan
Fastest shipping around for ecig suppliers! I've used several different sites, local retailers, and even out of state retailers and noone comes close to MyVaporStore's customer service, and product quality. I have 2 batteries, a kd-808-1 auto, and a kr510 slim, and the ce2 ultimate clearomizers were amazing for both batteries, though the only real difference being the fittings and one being auto and the other push button. I also purchased 3 eliquid flavors: blueberry, grape, and green apple. they're great! they have strong, sweet, but not overpowering flavor. As a former smoker, now full time vaper, take it from me: smoking sucks by comparison. Vaping, unlike smoking, is a pleasurable experience, with good flavors, good throat hit and feeling when you're breathing it, and none of the major health concerns for yourself and those around you! :-) All smokers should try ecigs, and all ecig users should try MyVaporStore! Thanks again guys, and I'll be back for more!-John, M., West Linn, OR
I was really impressed, ordered on Thursday and got it monday and I am from Puerto Rico. Really fast shipping. Order was precise and customers service A plus. By far best online experience. Got the ego-t and is excellent. By the way no one pay me for this review just my honest opinion.-Ismail, Puerto Rico
I'd like to start by saying has the best customer service bar none, that being said I've purchased 3 different mod e-cigg's the zmax, lambo and mini mvari. I had a shipping issue with one order, basically my package was damaged by the postal service when it arrived, with no questions myvaporstore sent me a prepaid shipping lable replaced the broken item and shipped the new one to me immediately. Thank you guys for the hassle free buying experience you have a customer for life.-Mike H., Torrance, CA
I have dealt with many online companies. MY VAPOR STORE goes above the line with there customer service. If you ever have any issues they will take care of it lightning fast, I will be a customer for life thanks to the treatment I have received. Their shipping is lightning fast, their prices are great. Thanks again for all your help getting me going in the vapor trend.-Jeff, Weymouth, MA
This is the best PV vendor site I have ever visited! A great variety of products to choose from and I tried the Killa Vanilla full VG e liquid and it is a great juice! Above all however, is the shipping!!! This site has the best shipping! None of my orders have taken longer than three days! Myvaporstore, you have earned yourself a loyal customer! Thank you soo much for the great customer service and the speedy shipping!-Jake, Joplin, MO
I placed my first order with My Vapor Store on Friday 10/26/12 and choose the least expensive shipping option. I received my package on Monday 10/29/12! I am a VERY happy customer!!-Tia, AZ
MVS is a fast and very reliable company, I buy all my EGO gear from them. They beat all the local vendors prices here in Florida by 25% on most products,and the delivery is always here within 3 days of placing my ordering. Thanks MVS _____~~-Mario, Venice, FL
My brother bought an ecig, and it made him hack like a virgin. I tried it, and it changed my life. I started with a KR808D-1, and a hand full of cartomizers [2 things my spell check does not recognize] at 24mg, from my local south coast Massachusetts smoke shop, and quickly realized that terrestrial retail was not the way to go about, “Vapeing.” After a few online tutorials [a kudos toot, to GrimmGreen] and a little trial and error, I now vape zero-nic comfortably… and safely. It has been better than a year since I was a smoker [e-cigs and the like are not smoking cessation devices… but they do a hell of a job if you use’em right] and the benefits are extravagant. When I started smoking, no one put out their butts before going into the mall, and now… I just hold my breath for an extra 5 seconds, and when I exhale, no one in the theater knows what I’m up to. It’s also @#$% loads cheaper, and my girlfriend allows it all over the house. My name is Randy J M, and I vape zero-nic e-juice through a 510 DCTank Cartomizer with a skinny tank. My top two favorite flavors are Flue Cured and Virginia. I do this all with the help of my 1000 mAh eGo-C Twists [one black to keep thangs O.G., and the other one green… toot toot] that I purchased through Why? Through all my trial and error, they have always helped me find the right path. They ship with grand efficiency. They are kind, and it shows through more than just their prices. An eGo twist and a tank can last me up to 5 days. And… because they have proved, time and time again, that they are… my vapor store. Thanks for reading.-Randy, New Bedford, MA
WOW... This is a GREAT company. Their customer service is the best that I've ever dealt with. The products that I had purchased is by far better quality than any of the high end stores sell. I am a very satisfied customer.-Mark, San Antonio
Great! fast shipping, I ordered a kit and showed my friends, now they all want one!-Von, M., Philly, PA
These guys have great customer service and awesome products at great prices I ordered e liquid on Friday it was in my mailbox Monday with regular mail not priority as long as I smoke e-cigs this is my one stop shop thank you MVS a very satisfied customer.-Sal, B., Middletown, CT
Our first order from here came quickly and we were very pleased with our products, at first. Unfortunately it became apparant that something was either wrong with our batteries (all 3 of them) or our charger. I contacted the company, explained our issue and was instructed to return the items (at no charge to us, not even shipping) for inspection/replacement. Customer service was amazing. All our questions were answered and we were sent prompt emails keeping us informed every step of the way. Our products were replaced and I am happy to say we are trouble free!! Thank you for such great service, that alone will keep me coming back!!-Lillee, California
This is my second order from my vapor store and I am very impressed. Ordered Tuesday afternoon, shipped same day and I received on Thursday. It is very nice they always have lower mg of nicotine in variety of flavors.-A, Chicago
Just a comment on great service and fast shipping. I ordered my Lambo 4.0 mod on Friday morning and received it Monday before noon. Regular USPS. The Lambo is great and is my first mod. I will certainly be spending more with MVS. EezXx Good bunch of people here.-D., Biggs, Indiana
I ordered the Joye eGo-C XXL 1000mAh Starter Kit on Tuesday and it got here Thursday. Thats damm good IMO. As for my first time using a E-Cig system, its a whole new way to smoke but dont have all the other bad things that come with regular cigarettes easy instructions and setup. Was testing it out with very satisfied to awesome results.-RT, Chino, CA
I continue to be amazed by their shipping. Ordered late Friday. Order shipped Saturday. Received on Monday in California. I don't know how they do it. I ordered other products from a competitor at the same time and it has yet to even ship.-Michael, Sylmar, CA
Wow! You guys are awesome! order got here in 1 day. I fully expected it would take 5-7 days. Everything was well packed, accurate and just awesome. I will highly recommend you to everyone!-Mike, TN
Not only was it very fast shipping and communication, but my products came very well packaged and exactly what i was looking for. i found my new source for all my vaping needs! thanks guys!!-Lou C., Los Angelos, CA
Look at the length of this page! There are 3 things that everyone looks for in an online store. Prices - Great prices here, Shipping - As everyone else on this list has said, Light speed, and Customer Service - This is what makes MVS shine in my eyes. I have only had minute issues (all manufacturer issues), and every one was dealt with quickly and effectively, with replacements arriving what seemed like faster than the originals.-Mike, Mesa, AZ
Holy sh@#. That's all I can say. 4:34 - Received a confirmation email. 4:47 - Received a shipment confirmation email. Never have I seen such prompt service; not to mention prices are fair and the products are amazing. Will definitely shop here again.-Cody B., MN
I love My Vapor Stores Killa Vanilla - its the BEST juice I've had and I've tried a lot!! It's smooth, has a great throat hit and is FANTASTCI!!! I just ordered another!! It's my all day vape!! Also, the people at MVS are so helpful and friendly with ALL my questions!!! Thank you guys!! I am a satisfied, long term shopper!-Denise, San Antonio, TX
I am a real live person, not affiliated in any way with MVS, except as there customer. That being said, MVS has afforded me above and beyond customer service, beyond the quality I have been afforded anywhere else, online or otherwise. Great products, and their Flu Cured liquid, is the only E liquid I have tried that doesn't have a hint of wet dog and/or vomit. I will buy Flu Cured from MVS as long as I am addicted to nicotine!-Ryan, MA
I am new to vaping, I have been a smoker for 41 years!! i have tried a couple of different E-Cigs, and a friend told me about MVS and the MVari-Stick Variable Voltage E-Cig MOD. after checking them out and talking to them, they instructed what i would need whether i ordered from them or not, I am glad i did order from these fine and helpful people!! I love my new MOD its AWESOME!!i chose to get the tank system, Taste on the E juice i got from them is wonderful, like i just picked a peach from my tree!!Vapor TONS!! Thank you MVS you have a new FRIEND!! also delivery was faster than i expected!!-Verne N. CA.
Their shipping is amazing. I order on late Thursday and get my package on Monday in California. I don't know what magic deal they have with the usps, but I like it.-Michael, CA
I really like all my products I have got carts and the juice and have been very happy with all !I am very glad that I found you guys!!-Barbara F., Lenoir, NC
A friend recommended MVS as a good source for carts. I made an order on a Friday (late) and was shocked to see the delivery on the following Monday. Beyond being timely, MVS is the only supplier that I found for the smoth-cuban, and it has quickly become the favorite of my friends and family. I wish they had larger sizes of that flavor.-Darrin H., OK
Wow!!!!!! That's all I have to say the ecig I got is awesome and since I'm a beginner very easy to set up . Oh yeah the shipping super fast ! You guys have earned one more loyal customer... I have the ego t tank system with the low resistance atomizer their peach pineapple juice taste really good!!!!!!-Joe, Garland,TX
I've ordered from 2-3 different stores and this was the best packaging I've seen so far. Customer service is great, shipping is great, and the product is fantastic, (black tea e-juice is a must). I love that you have several types of e-cigs instead of selling one or two brands exclusively. You've earned a new and loyal customer through your great service and products. You guys are doing an awesome job.-Boone, TX
This has got to be the fastest shipping I have had from an ecig company yet! The Black Tea juice is also the best! You have earned a new customer! Thanks for the great service...-Jim, NC
Got lucky and started off with the best! Been smoking for over 40 years - got my starter kit in and have not smoked since. Been over a month and no cravings at all. Excellent products - have since ordered another kit - this time ordered the ego tank with the LR atomizer and like that even more! My workplace has just gone smoke free and I'm sure you have gotten tons of orders from coworkers. Have been championing your system and many have followed with not a single complaint. Took a chance and staked my reputation on your performance and you passed with flying colors. You can expect many more orders from our local. Thanks for a great product and quick service!-Richard B., Rocky Mount
I must say... MVS has impressed me to the 10's... I ordered my starter kit 3/28/2012 at 8:00am and it was at my door today 3/30/2012 at 12:00 noon. I am currently cancelling my other order with a well known company which has been processing my other order since 3/21/2011. The prices are great and service is OUTSTANDING!!!! Please don't change your ways unless you can do better!!! You have my loyalty and mutitudes of friends comming your way. Thanks Again.-Raimonds, B., Maple Grove, MN
I have been vaping since early 2009 and can remember when MVP first started out. I have purchased supplies from a lot of distributors since the early days and have found my way back to MVP. MVP has the most reasonable pricing and service that I have found on the Internet. Keep up the great work. You are definitely my number one supplier.-Greg, United States
I received an email requesting I review the products I purchased, but not one for working with MyVaporStore. Just wanted to let you know my dealings with you were superb! Super fast shipping and I ordered enough to get priority shipping for free. We spoke on the phone and I was pleased with your solution to my original ordering issues. You have been a gem to work with and I trust that will continue in the future.

Your services far exceed my local vapor store and I’m pleased to continue working with MyVaporStore-Laura E., MI
Customer service is top notch. Had a mechanical failure on a new XL batt. Email RMA, AND prepaid printable label in no time flat! Great turn around time. Thanks-Geo, Long Island, NY
I luv this store! Great shipping, and customer response! Great flavors, and has all the accessories that not everyone else carries! Keep up the good work! Smoked for 35 yrs. and now no more :::: this is my new store! Thanks!-Danny B., Ponder, TX
I have to say that I am so pleased with the fast delivery of my products from My Vapor Store! I can't believe how fast I get my CE3 Smokymizers (which I love!). The shipping is so fast, it only takes about two days! Love this store!-Steph, NH
We purchased our electronic cigarette kits (KR808D1) mid last year. Here we are 6 months later and we couldn't be happier. The shipping was blazing fast and the products were good quality. I've went weeks without a single cigarette using the eCig and plan on going fully electronic very soon. Thank you MyVaporStore!-Kevin, Buford,GA
After a long and difficult road to trying to quit smoking and get into vaping I found your store. two weeks today and no cigs, I don't miss them at all. Thank you MVS! Now everyone around me is coming to your store to quit and get these awesome deals. Best on the WEB!-Matt M., Utah
John, you do a great job. Even helping me with the coupon. Your service is fast. And you've done a great job in answering the phones. All the advice and all. I recommend you to all my friends. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!-Debra O., Mastic, N.Y
I made the mistake of shopping somewhere else first... BIG MISTAKE. I couldn't be happier with MVS service, I won't order anywhere else now. You guys rock! Thanks-Thomas, Littleton,CO
My father, who was a smoker for over 40 years, told me of MVS. I had health problems (bladder cancer) and was told by my Urologist that I had to quit smoking. I was apprehensive because I had heard alot of people complaining about the ones sold at the mall, so it wasn't until he brought one over that I used one for the first time. Now, I've been using your products for almost a year myself, plus I have NOT had a tumor found in my bladder since! I'm not saying it cures cancer...but I personally believed it helped. I tell everyone who smokes tobacco cigs about your service and products everywhere I guys are awesome. Thanks for everything!!!-Rachel G., Dayton, Ohio
You guys are awesome! Fast shipping and great service. I ordered my eGo-T XL and all my accessories from you and I am pleased with it all.-Brandon P., Alabama
Good product, fast delivery and great customer service ... Thanks! I would like to see low volume and low priced sample packs (say 2 to 5 ml each of 3 to 5 selectable flavors) and having the non-nicotine available in smaller sizes OR included in a sample pack.-Kevin, Anaheim, CA
These guys are very good. Fast, top quality, current with new developments. Zero complaints, 100% happy.-Pete, Florida
This place rocks! Placed my order and pow! It was here in less than 48 Hours! I couldn't believe it. Vaping my new ego t xxl with a smile. Yep, that's what I'm talking about!-Jason B., Aurora
No other company compares to MVS!!! Prices here are unbeatable!!! Quality of products are unbeatable!!! Customer service is beyond excellent!! I tried another supplier that was recommended to me and was soo completely disappointed with them that I now refuse to deal with others!! MVS no one can hold a candle to you! :D-Arianne, Pittsburgh, PA
I mad a order for 3 products, 1 was overlooked on my order, Only took 1 e-mail and the item was shipped the next day. Very pleased with the company and will continue to order from them.-Debbie G., Pittsburgh, KS
I love My Vapor Store! Products are great, prices are significantly lower than others. Shipping is fast customer service is great. Only thing I would like is an option for shipment other than postal service, I seem to have to fight them for my package every time. I have bought the ultimate K808 kit and an ego starter and will continue to buy.-Richard R., Los Angeles, CA
We have the Joye Ego and the Joy 510. I am/was a minimum of two packs of cigarettes a day smoker and have had no problem at all putting down the cigarettes. These electric cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. As far a Customer Service from My Vapor Store, you couldn't ask for a more attentive company. Every time we have ordered, they have shipped it the same day and we have had the product in hand within two days of our order. When I made an error in my order, I sent an email to them explaining the problem. They immediately corrected it and shipped the order with out delay. I highly recommend My Vapor Store and their products. I am 1000% satisfied and am certain that you will be too!-Kathi, Mocksville, NC
I read other peoples testimonials about fast shipping, but WOW! :D I ordered Tuesday, it shipped the same day, and I received it Thursday! NO Joke! And it was everything they said it would be (I order the Ego T with low resistance) BAM! I will continue to get future supplies from My Vapor Store! Thank You So MUCH!-David W., CA
I've been vaping for 3 years now and I've tried several different types of units from different companies. This is the first unit and company that I'm 100% satisfied with. The eGo T unit is awesome and vapes like crazy without fail. Easy to fill, easy to clean, and great looking. Customer support was great as well. Will be ordering extra supplies in a few days because I can't see myself without this unit. PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT.... !!!!!!!-Carlos J., Atlanta, GA
I have been "vaping" for about 2 months with no tobacco cigs. Local E cigs have been costly and less than the performance I have expected. Found MyVaporstore. WOW! Great products, very economical, reliable shipping. I am more than pleased. The various choices in refill juice is a joy! Recommending to friends tired of the tobacco habit. Buy with confidence. Stop and think about it. What are tobacco cigs costing you? This is a far better experience at a FRACTION of the cost. Health benefits as well. Become a "Vaping" non smoker! GO FOR IT! Vapor Dan-Dan J., Rochester, MI
Why I keep coming back to MVS for more: 1. Free shipping (orders over $75) arrives FAST 2. Great deals on e-liquid (buy quantity) 3. My favorite U.S. Made vape flavors are always available. :) 4. Love the 510 CE2 Cartomizer XL Revision 5. Tried what I thought was the same thing elsewhere & it paled in comparison. MVS ~ Thanks for doing the great job you do!!-Kat, San Antonio, TX
Shipping was super fast and free (over $75) The unit works great as well as all attachments, adapters, etc. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 25 years. Now i truley believe that i will never go back. Vapeing is about 1/10th the price of smoking after you buy the equipment. A small bottle of nicotine extract cost $4.95 and as far as i can tell is at least the equivilent to a carton of cigs. Also you only vape when you want to. The moment your done you can put it down or in your pocket and it is not hot to the touch, etc. Once you light a cig you are pretty much committed to the whole thing. Vapeing is the way to go and MyVaporStore got me my stuff out and on my door step within 3 days and again it was free shipping-Richard N., West Virginia What can I say? Your search is over. You have found the best online shopping experience for vapor supplies. Best service, great products at lowest prices, and quickest shipping. I have tried all the rest and now I shop at the best- MVS. ( I sincerely recommend the joye ego-tank system 1000 mah battery with the mega atomizer type B - if you want an ecigarette that lasts all day long without the need to recharge the battery or refill eliquid). Happy Vaping!!! Government do not tax my ecigarettes ever!!!-John A., Staten Island, NY
I have to mention that the customer service with myvaporstore is awesome. I have been getting my e cig supplies from them for a couple of years now...very large orders and have never had any problems and shipping is very quick. About a week ago, I placed $400.00 order and the ejuice that I received did not taste like the original that I had ordered. I was going to send it back and they said to keep it and they would correct the problem. Sometimes different batches of ejuice will taste different. I talked with them on Saturday June 25th and on Monday, I had a new batch of ejuice to me. That is awesome guys!!!!! Great job, great products and great customer service. Cudos.-Derra S., Alabama
I love My Vapor Store. They will answer any questions you might have, even the dumb ones!! Your products are always working when I get them and I have had nothing but the best experience every time I buy from MY VAPOR STORE!! i live in Oregon and I understand My Vapor Store is in NY so you tell me how this company can ship to my home in 2 Days!! Yeah no kidding two days!! I ordered on June 7th and it came on June 9th!! I was really surprised and pleased. I will continue to do business with My Vapor Store as long as they are around and i Hope that is for a long long time!!-Jacki W., Albany, OR
I was smoking a nasty Camel one day while talking to a friend and he pulled out a Joye eGo Tank and began to vape. I said "What is that?" He said its a eGo Tank . He blew out a huge cloud that didn't stink , and said they are awesome. I said where can I get one? He said lots of places ,they are the newest and the best on the market. I got mine from MY VAPOR STORE .COM that's the best place to get one. He said just go to they are in New York but they have the best stuff and the best prices. Well ,I did and my first order was placed.Notice I said first order. That's because he was right. John is very nice and very knowledgeable and the pricing and shipping left me feeling great about choosing them as my first ecig supplier.As long as MVS is in bussiness then so am I. Couldn't ask for better service or nicer people .MVS does you right! -Billy W. Jr., Greenville, TX
So far I've placed two orders with MyVaporStore and each time the order was shipped immediately. Fast and accurate service is what I demand from a company and MVS delivers!-Lyn L., CT
I was a faithful customer of volcano for over a month and i entered a contest and got screwed over so i went on to look for a good store to buy my stuff from and the first order was super fast and i loved all the juices i got and the atty was the best Iv'e ever had, you definitely have a loyal customer, thank you.-Leanne, West Virginia
Just received my Joye E-go tank today and this product is awesome, a lot of vapor and your e-liquid is awesome as well. Your peach flavor is the best i had so far and your service is spot on as well. I'm so happy that I found your company, my vapor store, which says it all, it is my vapor store as well. Thanks and your shipping is fast too.-Keith Y.
I shopped around literally for HOURS to find the very best prices for my eGo-T Tank System XL Battery Kit. You guys were the second lowest price store (the other one has a SUPER slow/laggy website and I just don't trust websites that lag like crazy.... MVS - MyVaporStore is very zippy) that I could find but the website was extremely responsive and reviews of the store seemed to be pretty good. I've already told two of my coworkers about this website (Chad and Andrew) and they will probably be purchasing from this site as well. I wouldn't market an online store unless I believed in it and I was happy with my purchase and quick delivery and the price was superb. I'll probably do a youtube video soon under VaporJack and will give a video testimonial for MVS.-Jack T., Dallas TX
I love you guys! Been using your e-cigarettes for a while now - I am a bartender, and when restaurants went non-smoking I was lucky enough to find you to use the e-cig as a substitute (had NO intention of quitting fully). I still have not quit smoking cigarettes, but amazed myself that even while not at work I use the e cigs around the house - I ONLY smoke a cigarette in the car or socially. I have not had bronchitis or pneumonia for almost 2 years now - I am 30 years old and had it every year since I was 14 until now! Just ordered the eGO-T (love it) also appreciate that if you are out of my favorite nicotine, you automatically substitute it with something else I love. Good job! Great service!-Meghan, NH
My very first order 1 1/2 years ago was with My Vapor Store. I lucked out that I had made a good choice in suppliers. They are reliable and have lightening speed shipping ! Great products, the best prices and awesome service. I referred 3 friends that are new to e cigs because you are simply the best and I know they will be well treated !-Robbin, VA
Just got my new eGo with a tank yesterday. What a great product. If anyone wants a great way to vape this is it. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and great customer service. You have a life long customer here.-Erick,York PA
I've been buying MyVapor products for over a year. I can't believe how fast my orders arrive! The team at MyVaporStore provide GREAT service and products. My only suggestion is to offer a greater variety of flavors. Other than that. You guys are WONDERFUL!-Lisa M., California
Fastest shipping around! Great products, don't know about customer service because they've always gotten my orders perfect the first time!! This is the only e-cig company I will deal with.-Linda M.
A couple of weeks ago I received a 510 atty - low resistance to replace one that had burnt out. The first one was really improperly constructed but I know most vendors don't give any warranty on them anyway. I don't blame them as they are iffy from the word go. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your sending me another one so quickly. I really appreciated it and it is working with an adapter on a screw driver (901) perfectly. It's an awesome combination and I have you to thank for it. I have had nothing but good experiences with your store and will continue to buy from you as well as tell all my convert friends to check your site out. You have a great selection and I have never had a single complaint. Thanks again and happy holidays. I hope the new year brings even better sales to your store - with the kind of attitude you have you deserve it.
A loyal customer,-Doug K., Tucson, AZ
There is not much more that I can say that hasn't already been said about Jon and the great folks at MVS....I'll just say that I have been with them for over a year...I have gone from the 510 regular to the 510 mega to the Spark Plug with LR 510 wife has gone from the 510 regular to the 510 mega to the 905 with the LR 510 attys with Jons help all the way. I was an analog smoker for over 30 years and went from analog one day to e-cig the next day. I started with Blu and had to wait over a month for their kit to arrive and then had to send everything that I got from them back because nothing worked. I like to stay with one company for all my e-cig stuff...MVS is that one company that I will be with as long as there is an MVS...they are the best.-Doug A., Huntsville, AL
Low Prices, Fast Shipping and great service. What more can you ask for?-Brad C., Benton, Kentucky
I've gotten 2 starter kits from them, an 801 and a 510, both excellent, fast shipping. Butterscotch e-juice is excellent for mixing, and the menthol is great straight.-Brent I., Cleveland, Ohio
Warp speed shipping, havent touched a cigarette since getting my Joye510 and e-liquid, Great Vapor! -Robert C., Lewiston, Id
I purchased 2 801 auto batteries and am glad to report that even after all this time, they are still working great. I am also glad that they provide the auto versions so I don't have to worry about problems with a button going bad.-Andrew V., CA/FL
I have bought several starter kits and ejuice from my vapor store and have always been very happy with them! Excellent service,fast shipping,and very competive prices. I have even chatted with them about batteries for a mod I was trying, unfortunatley he couldn't help me so he did a little research and told me where to buy what I was looking for. You couldn't ask for them to be any better. 5 Stars !-Rex H., Owensboro, KY
Amazing customer service, fast shipping, quality products. I don't know any website that actually uses their "live chat" feature, let alone uses it as frequently as mvs. Oh, and try getting anything shipped for as cheap, regardless of the fact that MyVaporStore continually posts coupons on their facebook fan page!-Ed B., Indiana
I tried other sites but I keep coming back to this one, the service is great, the shipping is really fast, and you know that the product is going to work. I love the 510... packed up the cigs 7 months ago and never looked back. I love the Butterscotch, RY4 and coffee flavors.-Steve P., CA
I have been using myvaporstore for about 9 months now (since I started vaping) and I love them. They are reliable, their prices are great, they ship quickly, and if you have any problems at all they go out of their way to make you happy. Also, their liquid seems to taste better than other companies' liquids that I've tried. Give them a won't be disapointed!-Rachel T., Johnson City, TN
MVS Rocks! Super fast shipping, awesome support, and warranted products -- when my 905 housing broke they were very helpful, and set me up with an RMA replacement, even though it was just outside of the warranty period. Thanks a million, guys!-Jon J., Savannah, GA
Definitely my number one all-around supplier. I get all my hardware from MVS and their e-juice is great as well. You won't find faster shipping or better customer service than this.-Cynthia D., Akron, OH
I could not ask for better prices and the shipping was fast. I love my KR-808 and am planning to purchase another one in the near future. After much research I soon discovered that buying starter kits from this site is cheeper that buying single batteries. I WILL be doing business with you again and tell my friends too.-Jody, MN
Jon, thanks very much. I really appreciate the direct attention and care you've given me. I'm so glad to be living so close to such an excellent vendor - great juice, quality products, genuine atomizers, and unbeatable customer service. I'll be glad to be doing more business in the future. Thanks for everything!-Lee S., NY
I research just about everything before I buy it and e-cigs are no different. No matter when I search or what places a search engine sends me to, I still end up coming back to MVP. Their prices are great and the shipping is the quickest I've come across. Forget saving a few cents with the Chinese sites, it takes 3 weeks or more to get your order, with MVP, I have my order in 2 days or less. Thanks for the superior service!-Liz, Dale City, VA.
I just received my first order from MVS and i can say i am most pleased in all areas. The liquid i ordered is perfect. I have tried many others and this is the best by far. I also ordered a 5 pack of 510 empty cartomizers and they work better than any others I have tried . Not to mention the great low prices. I love the fact that after I placed my order I received an e-mail the same day that included a tracking number. My order arrived in just 2 days. I will never use any other company as long as I continue to get quality service from MVS. Thank you very much for the great service and great products.-Ron, Ohio
Just found my new "go to" etailer. Unbelievably FAST service. Order submitted on Friday post 3:00pm, received order the following Monday with everything packed nicely and intact!!! Just wish I had checked out their eLiquid selection prior to my order. (my bad!) Didn't see that they also have VG liquid, ordering today!!! Thanks and keep up the great service!!!-Chris, IL
A couple of months ago, a friend turned me on to the Butterscotch eliquid from here, and I have been hooked ever since. I have also tried the Coffee and Mocha Lite. I have been very pleased and am getting ready to place my 3rd order. I can't wait to try the Peach! Great Service and Fast Shipping!-Brian, FL
I was looking for a better throat hit from the 510 and Jon recommended the low atomizer. Holy Crap ! its like smoking a camel. I couldn't be happier.....-Danny, Salem, MA
I ditto the warp speed shipping. I have placed 2 orders and both have been shipped within a couple hours. The first order I placed at 2am on a Sat. and the order was shipped out that very morning. Received it on Monday. It can't get any better than that since the USPS does not deliver on a Sunday. LOL I just placed my 2nd order a few hours ago, looked at my email just now and its already shipped too. Excellent service and products.-Debbie, Oklahoma
I cant say anything that hasnt already been said here its all true great customer service quick shipping, i got two kits the 510 with the usb passthru and low resist atomizer which is a must it works great im amazed at how much vapor this thing puts out, and i got the 905 two days later havent had a chance to use it yet the batteries are charging now but i can say its well made.-Ron, Tulsa, OK
I ordered 3 KR808D1 kits and unfortunatly 1 battery in each kit was not working. I wasn't expecting to get anywhere as is usually the case with small e-commerce sites but the folks at MVS immediatly replaced all 3 batteries no problem! I just placed an order for some more liquid and MVS has a customer for life! I'm getting ready to launch a couple new e-commerce sites and I'll definitly be putting links to MVS on them! You guys are the best! I wish you nothing but long time success with the MVS site .-Jeff, Clearwater, FL.
This is a follow up on the 905 it works great i have had it for a week it puts out very good vapor i am glad i bought this one unlike the piece of junk vypr i bought from Vaprlife the body that holds the battery is as thin as paper and dont get as good of vapor as my 905 i bought from MVS, and Vaprlife shipping time sucks compared to MVS...if myvaporstore has what you want you cant go wrong buying from them shipping time and products are great. highly recommended -Ron, Tulsa, OK.
Great products and fast shipping thanks for the great service This will be the only site that I will ever buy my products from.-Bradley L.
Great products and lightning fast shipping! MVS is my new one-stop shop. I love these guys!-Jeff, Gulfport, MS
These guys have all the good stuff , and great prices. Fast shipping also-Tad W., Illinois
I have ordered from My Vapor Store 3 times, all three times I received my order within 3 days, I think 3 days was the longest so far. All the products have been first rate and I am a very satisfied customer. Excellent job MVS!!!!-Kathi, Boise, Idaho
I have shopped at other sites and I keep coming back here. The shipping is super-fast, and my orders have never been messed up. Quality products and quality service! Keep up the good work! -Michelle, Sunnyvale, CA
It is always a pleasure to deal with My Vapor Store. I have had to contact their support and I wish I could see their level of customer service in other companies. Also, the menthol e-liquid is the best! I've tried it from many other places but my favorite by far is from MVS.-Lan, MI