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Shopping Cart Error Reference #891XXXXX
Last Updated: 03/03/2014
This error occurs when you add a "combo" and parts of the "combo" to the shopping cart with a discount code. The error occurs when two identical line items are found in one shopping cart. We have notified our shopping cart provider of this bug. Unfortunately, this error cannot be resolved by us.

For now, there is a workaround. The order can be placed without the discount code. Once this order is placed, please notify us via email. If you include the discount code and order number, a member of our staff will apply it after the order has been placed.

Can't remove the discount code? Here's how:

1) Mouse-over the "view cart" link at the top of the page, a mini shopping cart will popup

2) Remove the "combo" item or all items if needed by clicking on the "X" icon next to the item

3) Click on the "view cart" link at the top of the page and remove the discount code by clicking on the "X" icon next to the code. (To view the discount code, at least one item must be in your shopping cart)

4) Add all the items back to your cart except for the discount code

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