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10 Important Tips For New E-Cig Smokers

For many new E-Cig users, vaping can be a easy, clean experience. For others, the relaxing new hobby could end up in a frustrating mess of wasted money. To ensure those new to the vaping world can avoid early mistakes, we’ve compiled ten tips for new vape users below - offering insight on everything from eLiquid storage and battery reminders to device recommendations and money saving tips.

General Vaping Best Practices

Don’t Expect Vaping To Feel Like Smoking

Despite seeming very similar, vaping and smoking aren’t the same at all. Even if you choose a cig-a-like mini E-Cig, the whole experience is different - from the taste, to the thickness of the vapor, to the look of the device.

However, if you’re expecting the feel of a traditional cigarette, don’t let that scare you away. There are hundreds of flavors and device styles available on the market, allowing you to find a fine-tuned vaping experience that should meet and exceed your expectations.

Start Slow, Before Advanced Vaping

When getting into E-Cigarettes, rookie vapers can get overwhelmed by all the options. MODS & PVs seem exciting, but are you willing to handle mechanical updates like swapping out coils & atomizers? Do you know how to properly assess wattage variation?

If not, consider starting with easier to use devices like Pen Starter Kits or All-In-One Starter Kits. Get comfortable on those, then work your way up to Box MODs and beyond. If you’re eager to dive in all the way, make sure to use our Ohm’s Law calculator for safe wattage adjustments.

Keep Back-Ups Handy

No matter when you run out of milk or cigarettes, finding replacements is easy as running up to a 24 hour convenience store. That’s not the case with replacement necessities for your E-Cig. Since replacement coils or eLiquids aren’t readily available at all hours, the key to consistent vaping is keeping backups on hand. After all, nothing is worse than wanting to take a pull and not being able to. Stock up on all key vaping Accessories here.

eLiquid Tips for Beginners

Know Your PG/VG Ratios

While most eliquid flavors might seem immediately awesome, pay attention to the PV and VG ratios on each bottle, before buying. Reason being, each ratio offers a unique eJuice experience and if you don’t know what the differences are between the ratios, you could end up with a bad taste in your mouth.

At a glance, VG is naturally richer in substance than compared to PG, which is thinner and typically offers stronger throat hits (similar to tobacco cigarettes). Use our guide on ‘Understanding PG vs VG eLiquids’ to get a complete understanding of the two types of eLiquid additives.

Loading eLiquids Can Be Tough

Depending on the vaping device you’re using, adding eLiquids isn’t always easy. If you’re truly a beginner, your safest bet is to choose a basic tank at first, allowing you to get easily acclimated to the process. Top fill tanks are recommended, because you simply fill and vape. Otherwise, things might get a bit sticky if you immediately try an advanced option like RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers).

Juice Maintenance

There’s more to vape juices than simply adding to them your device and taking a pull. To get the best vaping experience every time, make sure to shake your liquid before every refill, to ensure the PG/VG ratios are still mixed properly and haven’t settled. Additionally, to avoid dull flavors, keep them out of sunlight and make sure the top stays on when not being used.

Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Batteries Are Key

Vapes won’t work without power. If you notice your battery starting to die (check the color code in the button of the battery), grabbing your charger is the next logical step. However, make sure you don’t let your battery die completely, beforehand. If you do, you could shorten your battery life. Also be sure that you never leave your batteries charging unattended.

Typically in starter devices, the device may be charged via the micro USB port. More advanced devices use removable high amp 18650 or 26650 batteries which may also be charged via an external battery charger. Do not let your batteries come into contact with metal objects such as keys, loose change or any other metal objects. Doing so will put you at risk for short circuiting your battery and explosion. Do not put loose batteries in your pocket, purse, bag or anywhere else. Please be sure to inspect your battery before use to ensure it is not damaged including tears/rips in the battery wrap. Discontinue use immediately if battery is damaged and buy replacement batteries.

Disassemble Your Device at Night

If you’re using a vape with an atomizer or tank, get in the habit of disassembling the device at night. Since many tanks are known to leak eJuice from time to time, this easily-done precautionary step will prevent an accidental leak from ruining your device for good.

Beware Of Cracking Tanks

There are various styles of tanks - typically made of either plastic or glass. However, most starter kits come equipped with plastic tanks, which are more susceptible to cracking. They’re small and fragile, right? Makes sense. To avoid cracked or damaged tanks, we recommend upgrading to a glass tank immediately. These alternatives are much more sturdy, reliable and ultimately less fragile than plastic counterparts.

If you’re getting into vaping and looking to purchase the proper necessities, browse My Vapor Store’s full selection of E-Cig devices and accessories below.