• WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Choosing The Right Amount Of Nicotine

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re new to the world of E-Cigarettes and looking to make the transition from traditional cigarettes. No worries. MVS is here to help inexperienced users understand what nicotine is and the importance of picking the correct eLiquid nicotine level to find the best vaping experience for their personal preference.

How To Pick The Right Nicotine Strength

Before quitting cigarettes, you were probably smoking either: A) a few cigarettes daily, B) a pack or two per day, or C) somewhere in between. Because your preferred nicotine strength is relative to usage, choosing the right nicotine level for your eLiquids isn’t obvious.

Please note, everybody is different and we always recommend starting at a low nicotine strength to gauge your personal preferences. You can always increase it if you are feeling unsatisfied.



Zero nicotine levels are for users looking for a smooth vaping routine without any nicotine at all. This nicotine-free eLiquid option is also ideal for non-smokers, offering sensational flavors that will make your mouth water and come back for more.



This is the most popular nicotine strength and works great with the popular sub-ohm tanks and high powered devices that are currently available on the market. 3mg provides enough nicotine for former cigarette smoking users without being too harsh.



6mg is considered the middle ground for the various nicotine levels in eLiquids, where 3mg is found to be unsatisfying and 12mg to be too harsh. The 6mg nicotine strength works great with both high vapor sub-ohm and low vapor mouth to lung tanks.



12mg is one of our strongest nicotine strengths available. Most users tend to be using a low powered device such as a pen-style device or also known as a cigalike. Best used with a high resistance atomizer head or a low vapor mouth to lung style tank.

Adjust Nicotine Levels Over Time

Now that users have a good bearing for what nicotine level is needed in their eLiquids, the key is knowing that tastes change and you may end up adjusting your nicotine levels over time. In fact, many users step down their nicotine levels amidst frequent vaping, slowly subsiding nicotine usage to more manageable levels, many times even weaning nicotine out of their system completely. Others prefer the nicotine kick and work their way up to higher strengths over time.

At the end of the day, when using e-cigarettes, there’s no right or wrong amount of nicotine. The key is trying various eLiquids and experimenting with different nicotine strengths, until you find the right amount for your own personal satisfaction. We always recommend starting at a low nicotine strength to find your own personal preferences.