How To Properly Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

Our buyers spend too much time and money choosing the proper mod to not clean them properly. Since these highly customizable devices can easily get sticky from liquid residue or have their internals damaged, we’ve provided the following guide on how to properly clean a kit, allowing maximum vapor and the freshest taste from eLiquids possible.

Knowing When To Clean

Knowing when to clean your kit isn’t quite as easy to identify as a dirty car or seeing a sink full of dishes. When you notice any of the following circumstances happening, a thorough clean should be top priority:

Wet Mods

Wet Mods

No matter the flavor, VG/PG ratio, or nicotine level, tanks tend to leak from the airflow holes of your tank. This can drip down and cause the mod to get wet, which may damage the internals and can ultimately kill the mod.

Leaky Tank

Leaky Tank

Another cause of leaky tanks can be your atomizer head. If eLiquids do not heat up enough in the atomizer head to be properly vaporized, this can cause spit back and leaks through the airflow hole. Always clean out the chimney and airflow hole before clearing up leaks.

Coil Gunk

Coil Gunk

For RDA/RDTA users, seeing gunk clogging up your coil is an obvious sign your coils should be cleaned. However, more than likely, the quickest fix in this specific case is either firing only the coil or buying a set of prebuilt coils.

Ready to clean?

Read the following steps and you’ll be on your way to a flawless vaping experience.

Step 1: Take Apart Your Setup

Once cleaning is realized, the first step is to disassemble your setup, removing the atomizer head, drip tip, and glass from the tank and the tank from the battery. Once you remove the tank, be sure to take the tank itself apart as well. If you’re using a beauty ring for aesthetic purposes, you’ll need to remove that too.

Step 2: Assemble Cleaning Materials

Once your setup is completely disassembled, you’ll want to gather some paper towel, isopropyl alcohol (preferably 99%),and a few q-tips, to help the cleaning process.

Step 3: Clean The Tank

From there, take a piece of paper towel and remove any wetness or stickiness from your tank pieces, glass tube, and drip tip. To get them clean as possible, many vapers use boiling water (some add soap) to clean them first, then apply isopropyl alcohol to finish the job. However, if you use alcohol, it’s extremely important users allow time for the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate before moving forward. For smaller areas such as the inside of an airflow base, dip a q-tip into the isopropyl alcohol and clean the inside of the airflow base with the q-tip.

Step 4: Clean The Mod

Cleaning the mod is a lot simpler. As long as no eLiquid has seeped into the internals, you can simply moisten a paper towel with some isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the exterior of the mod.To clean the 510 connector, dip a q-tip into a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the 510 connector pin. As with the tank, allow time for the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate before use.

Step 5: Reassemble Your Setup

Now that everything is clean, install a new atomizer head in your tank, reassemble the tank and install it back onto your mod. Insert a battery into your mod (if applicable) and fill your tank with your favorite eLiquid flavor from our full selection of eLiquids. For replacement atomizer heads, coils, cotton, drip tips, and more, browse our full selection of vape accessories.