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KR808D-1 Cartomizer / 2-Piece Device

The KR808D1 is a two piece system. There is an atomizer built into each cartridge, also known as a cartomizer. These cartomizers are disposable but can be refilled. You're using a fresh atomizer with each cartridge for maximum vapor production.

The KR808D1 produces excellent vapor, flavor and throat hit. This unit is also great because it has one of the biggest cartridges available. A new cartomizer can hold about 20 drops of liquid. And a used cartomizer can take anywhere from 5-10 drops of liquid per refill. Please note: Cartomizers are considered disposable so they are not covered under our warranty.

Battery cutoff time is approximately 5 seconds.

How to refill KR808D1 Cartomizers

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One common issue with KR808D1 Batteries and Cartomizers is that the center contact or post do not meet. When this happens, it will appear that the battery is not charging or not producing any vapor. The battery LED will light up but no vapor from the cartomizer or you attach the battery to a charger and the light on the charger does not change in color. If this is the case, there is an easy solution demonstrated in the video below:

Cartomizers are refillable. Here's how:
Our new KR808D1 cartomizers have removable mouthpiece caps making them easier to refill.

1. Stand the cartomizer on a flat surface with the battery connection end facing up and the mouth-piece facing down.
2. Locate the hole in the center.
3. Add one drop into the hole. Let the liquid seep into the hole.
4. Repeat step 3 until the cartomizer is full. A new blank cartomizer can hold approximately 20 drops of liquid. We recommend not adding more than 8 drops to a prefilled cartomizer because it may leak.
5. Cover both ends of the cartomizer with a clothe and shake it up to spread liquid evenly inside cartomizer.
6. Wipe off excess liquid from the center hole.

Here is an independent video showing another way to refill your cartomizers: